Current SLAs (correct as of 20th September, 2020)

Key COVID-19 updates

March 24th, 2020

  • Invoice collection
    Helping us to continue to collect payments that are due on invoices is critical, as keeping on top of our accounts receivable means that we maximise the credit available to each of your customers - slow payments puts more pressure on these limits and as such helping us to collect ensures we can keep within funding limits to support your contracts

    Our credit control team members will reach out to you in good time should we encounter any issues in contacting your clients’ accounts departments or should we have any challenges in collecting invoices that are due.

    We would ask that you use your contacts within your clients’ businesses to help raise awareness of the impact of overdue invoices on our ability to continue to fund your candidates working on their critical projects.

  • Financial Security.
    During times of economic difficulty, our experience across the financial services sector suggests that firms such as Sonovate are more likely to be targeted by those seeking to commit fraud and or financial crime. It is crucially important, therefore, that we all remain extremely vigilant and we would ask that you raise any suspicions about candidate or client behaviour with our customer service team or with the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.

    Sonovate continue to undertake robust checks as part of our verification process and if in any doubt about the genuineness of any placement, timesheet, or transaction, we will contact you at the earliest opportunity to discuss the best way forward. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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