Agency and Sonovate

  • Step one: Agency adds placement (use this handy checklist).
  • Step two: Sonovate credit checks client (tip! we provide same day response for credit applications submitted by 1pm. For international placements, this can be longer. We advise you to get your credit checks in before the placement is added to ensure you have the slickest process).
  • Step three: Sonovate agrees credit limit.
  • Step four: Agency issues contracts to candidate and client from their Sonovate account.
  • Step five: Candidate and end client sign contracts.
  • Step six: Sonovate contact accounts team at end client to confirm invoice process.
  • Step six: Sonovate email your nominated timesheet authoriser to confirm authorisation process and deadlines.
  • Step seven: Sonovate issues timesheet login details to candidates and end-clients. For candidates completing manual timesheets, Sonovate will send an email detailing the process with the deadlines and request bank details & VAT if they are missing.
  • Step eight: The candidate completes timesheet, preferably by the end of the working week / period.
  • Step nine: Timesheet authoriser signs timesheet.
  • Step ten: Providing Sonovate receives signed timesheet by 12pm on a Tuesday, Sonovate pays candidate and agency the same week. (tip! to ensure you get paid ¬†add your bank account details! click here to see how to do this).
  • Step eleven: Sonovate collect payment from agency's end client (for more information on Sonovate's credit control process click here).

Candidate and Sonovate

  • Step one: Candidate signs contract.
  • Step two: Candidate completes timesheet, preferably by the end of the working week / period.
  • Step three: Sonovate receives notification that the timesheet has been signed by timesheet authoriser (deadline is Tuesday at 12pm).
  • Step four: Sonovate pay candidate into their bank account, clearing on a Friday.

End client and Sonovate

  • Step one: End client's timesheet authoriser signs timesheet.
  • Step two: Sonovate raises invoice.
  • Step three: End client pays Sonovate.
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