Agency and Sonovate

Step one: Agency adds placement

  • Note: Sonovate prioritises placements in order of payment release date. So, don't worry if we don't approve a placement that's not due to start anytime soon.

Step two: Sonovate credit checks client

  • We provide same day response for UK credit applications submitted by 1pm.
  • For international placements, this can be longer. We advise you to get your credit checks in before the placement is added to ensure you have the slickest process

Step three: Agency sends contracts / terms of business to candidate and client

  • Contracts / terms of business for both candidate and client can now be uploaded and / or issued
  • Note - if you're uploading contracts / terms of business, these will need to be approved by Sonovate before placement changes to "Timesheet Activation"
  • The schedule is generated based on the details that are entered into the portal
  • All contracts / terms of business should be agreed in advance in order to avoid delays. If changes need to be made to contracts / terms of business post issuing to candidate and / or client the placement will need to be declined and resubmitted

Step four: Sonovate verifies placement with your client

  • Every first-time placement is required to go through verification in order to check certain details for security and accuracy purposes
  • Sonovate will engage the Invoice Contact (at your client) and the candidate via phone and/or email
  • You will be CC’d into the communication. However, this may take a few days if your client is slow to respond

Step five: Sonovate puts placement live and issues timesheet login details to your candidate and client

  • Your candidate will receive a welcome email prompting them to log in to Sonovate's timesheet portal by creating their own password
  • The timesheet authoriser at your client will receive an email outlining timesheet process and deadlines

For candidates completing manual timesheets, Sonovate will send an email detailing the process with the deadlines and request bank details & VAT if they are missing

Step six: candidate submits timesheet and is signed by your client

  • Once candidate has submitted their timesheets, the authoriser will receive an email prompting them to create their own log-in to approve timesheets
  • Standard deadline is 12pm Tuesday for signed timesheet for payment same week

Step seven: Sonovate raises and issues invoice to your client

  • Sonovate send invoices to client on your behalf

Step eight: Sonovate makes payment to you and your candidate

  • Sonovate pays your agency and candidate(s) on a Friday

Step nine: Sonovate collect payment from your client

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