What do I need to know about my clients/debtors to fund my invoices raised against them?

Sonovate require the following information to fund invoices raised against a particular client:

  • The registered details of the correct entity you are invoicing
  • A copy of the signed terms you have agreed against the debtor
  • Accurate invoice contact details this includes a name/department, email address and telephone number
  • Copy of the invoice you wish fund against with P/O if required
  • Supporting evidence of the invoice i.e. timesheet, SOW sign off.

All this information needs to be in place before a funding request in placed against each debtor.

Do you check the data and documents I submit as part of my funding request?

Yes, Sonovate will perform the following quality checks as part of our financial risk obligations:

Debtors terms: Within the terms and conditions between your agency and the end client Sonovate will check that the following responsibilities are being adhered to:

  • Work authorisation
  • Invoice procedure

Invoice: Sonovate will review invoice(s) you upload against the evidence you provide.Checks include:

  • Invoice amounts to match what has been signed off
  • Invoice details are correct, including any purchase order numbers required.
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