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Who issues the contracts

  • Your business is responsible for sending contracts to clients and candidates.

Contract templates

You have three contract template options:

  1. Sonovate’s contract template, without amends
  2. Sonovate’s contract template, amended to include extra terms
  3. Your own contract pre-signed contract. (Note: before this contract can be used it needs to be reviewed and approved by Sonovate.)

Note: You have the option to use Sonovate terms for some placements and your own for other placements.

How to upload your own contracts


  • Click 'Agency Admin' from the main navigation
  • Select 'Contract Templates'
  • Upload client or candidate terms
  • Placements will now default to pre-selected terms 

How to upload a signed contract


  • Click 'Placements
  • Select 'Requires contract issue'
  • Click 'Contracts'
  • Click 'edit' below 'Do you have any amendments to make to the terms?'
  • Upload & use a signed contract
  • Upload PDF and click 'Finished'

How to add additional terms and conditions to a contract

How to issue contracts

How contracts are approved

  • Candidate and client will receive an email notifying them that their contract is ready to review and sign.
  • They login to the portal and approve their contracts.

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