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What happens if a timesheet deadline is missed

Timesheets that miss the deadline (12pm on Tuesday) will be processed in the next payment run, to be paid on Friday of the following week. 

If you’d like your agency and contractor to be paid sooner or think there will be an issue with submitting or approving a timesheet on time, contact your Relationship Executive as soon as possible.

Payments page overview

We've broken down payments into three parts to help you understand the payments information in your account dashboard.

1: Payment figures
2: Timesheets and placements
3: Exporting CSV report

Tip! The best time to visit the payments page is Thursday - when payments have cleared.

Payment figures


  • 'Balance of Purchase Price' (= total gross margin minus Sonovate fee) = £2,969.98 
  • 'Invoiced to Clients' (gross invoice value) = £8,640.00
  • 'To Sonovate' (Sonovate fee) = £310.02
  • 'To Candidates' (Payments to candidates = £5,360.00
  • 'More Details' (see below)

Timesheets and placements

  • OTS5961 (Timesheet reference - click through to see timesheet)
  • 08/04/2018 (Period end)
  • Teresa Garcia (Candidate)
  • PM3076 (Placement record - click through to see placement)

CSV report

  • Select period (tick box) - you can select more than one period to group data into one report.
  • Click 'Export selected payments to CSV'

How to understand the report

Download a sample report here

Columns A-F = client invoiced related
Columns G-N = candidate number
Columns O-Q = agency related
Columns R-U = Sonovate charge
Column “V” = Balance

A minus “-” sign in the balance column = adjusted payment.

How to check candidate and agency payment status

Within your account, you can check candidate payments status in two ways:

One: checking before payments have been processed

  • Best time to check: Tuesday after 12pm and Wednesday.
  • Select timesheet tab, change time period to range you want to query and select ‘Approved – All Billable’ from status.
  • Here you’ll be able to see all timesheets that have been approved and are ready for payment.

Two: checking when payments are being processed.

  • Best time to check: Thursday onwards.
  • To check payments that are pending for your business and candidate, view this quick guide.

How to export client and candidate invoices

How to download invoices to send to an umbrella company

To download invoices to send to your umbrella company, follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Invoices’ tab
  2. Search by candidate name, ltd company name or client name. Tip! If searching by client name add * (star) at end of search.
  3. Select invoices
  4. Export via PDF or CSV
  5. Send to umbrella company

How to understand your aged debt report

Each Friday, you receive an aged debt report by email, which provides weekly insight into the payment performance of your clients. 

The aged debt report allows you to keep an eye on your business' financial position and understand problematic payers.

Image example

  • Client A has four outstanding invoices totalling 28,008.00 GBP.
  • 'Current' shows outstanding invoices within the agreed payment terms. 
  • Each of the other sections ('1 to 30 days' for e.g.) show outstanding invoice amounts per aged period.

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