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PAYE set up

Does our agency need to register for the PAYE scheme?

  • Yes, your agency needs to set up a PAYE scheme to run PAYE placements with Sonovate. Find out more here
  • Sonovate can set up a scheme for your business for a fee - please contact customerservices@sonovate.com for a quote.


1: Your agency adds a placement in your Sonovate account and send new starter form.
2: Sonovate receive signed timesheets by 12pm Tuesday for payment the same week.
3: Sonovate process weekly payroll and send payroll reports and copy of the payslips to your agency by 5pm on a Thursday. Password protected payslip also sent out to candidates.
4: Sonovate pay candidate(s) take home pay and your agency (margin and PAYE deductions).
5: Your agency makes PAYE liability to HMRC, by 19th of the following month.

New starters

Where do I need to send the new starter form and when is the deadline?

  • You need to ensure the form is complete and send it to customerservices@sonovate.com
  • New starter form must be submitted by Tuesday 12pm for the candidate to be paid by the Friday of the same week.

New starter forms


  • Sonovate needs to receive signed timesheets by 12pm on a Tuesday. 
  • If the deadline of Tuesday 12pm is missed, the candidate will be paid the following Friday.

More on timesheets here

Candidate holidays

How many holidays has the candidate accrued?

  • Please check the most recent payslip sent to your agency. 
  • Under ‘employee details’ it will show the holidays remaining in hours.

How is holiday accrued?

  • If a candidate received standard 20 days plus 8 bank holidays, they accrue holiday at 12.07% of the hours worked.
  • Click here to use Gov.UK holiday entitlement calculator
  • More on holiday entitlement from Gov.UK

How does the candidate submit holidays?

  • When adding their timesheet on the portal, please select ‘Annual Leave’ under rate name and enter time.


When will the candidate(s) receive their payslip?

  • Payslips will be emailed to the candidate(s) by Thursday 5pm.
  • A password will be sent to the candidate(s) with their first payslip from Sonovate.

Example payslip


When does the candidate start contributing pension?

  • You need to instruct us whether you would like to postpone your candidates for the first 3 months. Then they will start contributing 5% and the agency will contribute 3% on earnings above £118 up to £962.

What pension provider should I be using?

  • We recommend you look at alternative pension providers for your business, unfortunately we are unable to give advice on this but the government do offer a standard workplace pension called Nest which you can register for.

Can a candidate opt out of pension verbally?

  • No, candidates must opt out of pension via the pension provider.


What is the process when a candidate leaves my agency?

To end a placement early - enter the placement record and click 'finish early'


Where do I send my queries and amendments to be made?


When and how will my agency receive the PAYE summary report?

  • When: Each Thursday
  • How: You’ll receive an email with a PDF attachment containing a full PAYE summary report for that week.

Example of report summary


Punch in some numbers to calculate key PAYE figures.


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