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How to check timesheet status

To view the status of your timesheets follow these steps:

  1. Click timesheets
  2. Enter period dates
  3. Filter by status
  • Open = candidate hasn’t submitted timesheet
  • Submitted = ready for approval
  • Authorised = timesheet authoriser has approved

How to help end-clients authorise timesheets

If your end-client hasn’t received an email, they can:

  • login into their account and authorise timesheets online. Note: online timesheets are best viewed in Google Chrome
  • Ask the candidate to resubmit the timesheet using these steps:
  • One: select timesheet ‘awaiting signing’ 
  • Two: Click ‘edit’
  • Three: Resubmit

How candidates submit online timesheets

  • Once your placement is live on the portal, the candidate will receive an email with a link to timesheets.sonovate.com
  • Candidate can set a password for their Sonovate account, or use their Google or LinkedIn account.

How clients approve timesheets

  • The timesheet authoriser will receive an email notifying them that timesheets are ready to be reviewed and signed.
  • The email contains a link through to the portal, which the timesheet authorise clicks on to approve or reject the timesheet(s).
  • In the case a timesheet is rejected, the authoriser can leave a message explaining why. (Candidate would then receive an email notification, and have the chance to rectify and resubmit).

How contractors receive confirmation a timesheet has been approved

  • Your contractor will receive an email notification of whether their timesheet has been approved or rejected.
  • If approved, they have no more actions to take.
  • If rejected, they are directed to the portal to correct any errors and resubmit.

2020 timesheet schedule

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2021 - 445 timesheet deadlines and payment dates

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2021 monthly timesheet deadlines and payment dates

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