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Placement checklist

List of information Sonovate require to add a placement.

1. Client details

  • Company registration number
  • Company registered address
  • Company invoice address (if different)
  • Recruiting manager
  • Timesheet authoriser
  • Invoice contact
  • Invoice frequency 
  • Payment terms
  • PO number (if applicable)

2. Contractor information

  • Contractor name
  • Home address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Email address
  • Ltd company name
  • Ltd company reg. number
  • Ltd company bank details
  • Ltd company address
  • VAT number
  • Ltd company address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Email address
  • Payment frequency (if client is invoiced monthly, contractor must be paid monthly)
  • Payment terms
  • PO number (if applicable)

3. Placement information

  • Job title
  • Start date
  • End date 
  • Pay rate (GBP/EUR)
  • Charge rate (GBP/EUR)
  • Services hours
  • Job frequency (daily/monthly)
  • Notice period

Download a placement checklist PDF

How to submit a placement?

What security checks do Sonovate perform on a placement?

Sonovate will call your client to discuss the following:

  • To confirm they are the correct person to authorise timesheets
  • To confirm that the details on the timesheets are correct
  • To determine whether they will use manual or Sonovate timesheets
  • To explain deadlines for sign off

Sonovate will also call your contractor to discuss the following:

  • To confirm that the details on the timesheets are correct
  • To confirm the placement dates and frequency of timesheets
  • To confirm their account details and when they expect to be paid
  • To explain deadlines for submission
  • If we are unable to reach your contractor and/or client, we’ll send the above information via email instead.
  • We also send your contractor a follow up email stating the above and, if the contractor is a limited company, requesting for the account details to be confirmed in writing.

When does the placement go live?

  • Once the validation process is complete, we put the placement live on the portal.
  • You’ll receive an email notification that your placement is live.
  • Your contractor will also receive an email, letting them know their timesheets are ready to be filled out.

How fast do Sonovate process placements?

Sonovate will aim to complete all placements within 24 hours of submission.

24hr completion is subject to Sonovate being able to make contact with any new candidates or clients you have submitted as part of the placement.

Please ensure:

  • Data you submit for the placement is valid and correct for us to be able to process quickly. 
  • Placements are submitted to the portal by 10am on a Monday to include in that week's payroll run. 

Please note: If a credit limit decision is escalated to an underwriter, we will contact you with revised timescales.

Can Sonovate fund international placements?

Sonovate supports placements in the following currencies; USD, EUR and GBP.

How long does it take to set up international credit limits?

  • It takes us up to ten days to set the credit limit on international placements.

How do I enter an international placement into the portal?

  • Entering an international placement into the portal is easy. You follow the usual process, and clearly mark the export placement as not vatable.
  • For your US placements, we advise that you complete a W8 BEN form (we do not fund placements in the US without this), and submit it to the IRS (Inland Revenue Services). 
  • We’ll also need you to send a copy of this form over to us for our records.
  • You’ll also need to get confirmation from your client that they agree to pay Sonovate the gross invoice amount.

How to amend rates on a placement

Once a placement is live, you can amend a rate if one of two situations occurs:

1: The placement is being extended and the contractor is on a new pay rate.
2: The contractor is eligible to receive 'additional rates' to their standard pay rate - e.g. overtime.

Both options are explained below in more detail.

Option one: The placement is being extended and the contractor is on a new pay rate.

If you need to amend the standard rate OR add rates AND issue new contracts you need to extend a placement.

Example: placement extension. A long-term contractor who has reached end of one placement and is starting a new placement, with the same client, on a new rate. 

Additionally, if the placement is an extension AND the contractor is starting on a new rate, then reissuing contracts ensures that your business is protected contractually and presented in the best light - i.e. you're diligent and precise with how you conduct your operation.

Follow these steps to amend the rate:

Step one: Placements > Placement > Extend

Step two: Select 'Edit placement information'

  • Add new placement start and end date

Step three: add rate information and save. 

As soon as the new placement information is saved, Sonovate create a new placement. 

From here, Sonovate:

  • Assess credit exposure
  • Confirm or decline credit
  • If credit is confirmed, contracts are reissued to all parties with new placement information
  • Contracts signed, timesheets are issued
  • Placement runs as normal.

Option two : If you want to add an additional rate - i.e overtime

Use case - additional rates i.e. overtime (doesn't affect the standard rate) where parties are happy with this arrangement and new contracts aren't required.

As soon as change is made, the rate will available on the contractor's timesheet for them to add time against.

How to add missing candidate details to a placement

Sonovate has made it easier than ever to ensure candidates are paid on time.

Sonovate indicates to you when placements are missing one or more of the following details:

  • No bank account 
  • No VAT number
  • Bank account doesn’t match the placement’s currency

For example:

  • BA/Contractor Candidate is missing VAT details
  • Web Developer Candidate is missing VAT and bank details

Note: VAT is a optional field - so if the candidate is not VAT registered leave it blank.

Save time by searching placements in one go

To run this search go to placements >> missing details >> select option.

You can also see which timesheets will not be paid in the timesheet listing and detailed view: 

What you need to do:

  • Send missing information to customerservices@sonovate.com to ensure payment is made on time.
  • Sonovate will update details
  • Candidate timesheets will be released for payment
  • Note: If you don’t supply the information by Tuesday 12pm, candidates are at risk of not being paid.

How to edit, add or replace client contact information on a placement

You have the option to edit, add or replace timesheet and / or invoice contacts on live placements. 

See below for key information about each option. 


If you need to edit a contacts name, email address or add a new phone number, select a client contact and edit their details. 

Any changes made will be updated across all placements where their details are used. 

Step one:  Select live placement > click 'three dots' to 'edit' or 'replace' contact.

Step two: edit contact

Step three: Sonovate will 'edit the contact on all placements for the client' to keep your data up to date.

Note: if the timesheet contact is already authorising timesheets - the email address is shown, but not available to edit. 

We do this to make your data secure and to ensure you receive payments on time.for example - if timesheets are sent to an email address the timesheet authoriser hadn't specified, the deadline could be missed.


You can add multiple timesheet authorisers or invoice contacts across all placements or the current placement record you're on.

Step one: click 'add invoice contact' button.

Step two: select from an existing contact, or add new.

Step three: choose whether to add the contact to other placements at that client. 


Step one: select 'Replace'.

Step two: add a new contact or select from list of existing contacts (if more than one is listed against client).

You can opt to either replace the contact on this placement only, or on every placement where the contact is used.

How to extend a placement

Step one - enter live placement record

Step two - click extend

Step three - select ‘update end date only’ 

Note - If you need to add new pay rates or reissue contracts click ‘edit placement information’.

Step four - select new end date

Step five - click continue and placement end date will update

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