Getting invoices to an eligible funding state in Sonovate is super simple. We've used a couple of common scenarios to show you what steps you need to take.

Scenario One: Adding extra information to client who is already eligible

In this example, 'debtor details' for Zero Degrees Ltd have been received and verified, all you need to do is 'add invoice evidence'.

Upload evidence...

Refresh your screen and the invoice is now eligible and shows as 'Ready for Funding'.

Scenario Two: The invoice is for a new debtor that must be made eligible

In this example, the debtor needs evidence attaching to their record.

Step 1: Search invoice and review what state the 'eligibility progress' is.

Step 2: Search for the debtor by name and review its 'eligibility progress'. 'Brewdog Ltd' currently has no evidence verified by Sonovate - .e.g. 'add a registered company' hasn't been submitted.

Step 3: Choose the Registered Company

As the Registered Company is chosen, the associated eligibility criteria is ticked.

Steps 4 - 6: Repeat the process for the other four criteria.

Note: Sonovate completes 'Sonovate sets a funding limit' 

Step 7: Once Sonovate has set a funding limit, the debtor becomes eligible.

Step 8: With an eligible debtor, you can now just upload the invoice evidence as per Scenario one.

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